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Direct Response Marketer: Zachary J. Radford

The Go-To Direct Response Marketer for Digital Growth!

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In this game-changing guide, I reveal the exact strategies that have allowed me to spend over $10,000,000 on online advertising effectively. I’ve distilled everything into a 9-step process called ‘Direct Response OS.’ This isn’t just theory; it’s a proven system that you can install in your business today to see real results.

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"We’ve been working closely together for many months now and I can confidently say that Zachary has been invaluable to helping us grow massively and expand our reach."
Scott Oldford
Ceo & Founder ScottOldford.com

How We Help Our Toronto PPC Clients

These are a few of the benefits of Profitable Ads’ PPC management services for Toronto companies.

Reach the right audience

We help you leverage the data-driven nature of Pay Per Click to reach your customers at the right time. Our customized strategy will ensure that we are always in sync with your brand goals, budget, and target audience.

Maximize ad spend

When working with our experienced team, you’ll notice a big difference in your ad campaign results and metrics like cost per conversion, click-through rate, conversion rate, and more. The bottomline? You generate the most amount of sales from your ad spend every time.

Reasonable Pricing

Say goobye to ridiculously expensive PPC management retainers and media buying fees. Profitable Ads prides itself in focusing on your benefit and growth. That begins with our reasonable pricing models that helps you generate the most conversions without breaking the bank or cutting into margins.

Drive more sales and revenue

Do you want more conversions, sales, and growth? One of the biggest perks of working with our team of Toronto PPC experts is more bottomline. Plain and simple. We've helped clients generate millions in revenue and we can do the same for your brand.

Stop stressing over expensive retainers

Unlike any other PPC agency in Toronto that you can work with, we do not charge expensive monthly retainers. We charge based on performance which makes us work harder to generate results while offering your team peace of mind. You can look forward to finally having a media buying partner that has your best interests in mind.

Dedicated Media Buyers

When Profitable Ads selects you as a client, you work with us directly. You will have a deep relationship with our team and media buyers. Our Toronto PPC experts will regularly give you updates and reports on progress, ROAS, and other important milestones.

The Results Speak For Themself...

How I Can Help...

Hi, my name is Zachary J. Radford. I’m a direct response marketer who helps experts acquire clients without wasting money on advertising by leveraging direct response.

Welcome to Profitable Ads.com – Your Ultimate Guide to Direct Response Marketing

A Little About Me:
Personally Managed $10,000,000 In Ads spent
Generate $62,000,000 In Trackable Online Sales
Authored “Direct Response Secrets” Book (Grab Your Copy Here)
Host & Copy Chief Of “Direct Response Secrets” Pod/Newsletter

When I’m off the clock, I’m by the beach in Prince Edward Island, enjoying life with my family and my two awesome bullies.

Your Pain Points, Solved

Stop chasing clients that don’t deserve you.

Wrong Clients: Tired of clients who don’t get you? Let’s fix that.
No Leverage: Want to stand out? I’ll show you how.
Unpredictable Revenue: Let’s make your cash flow consistent and reliable.

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(Hanging At The Beach With My Two Bullies, Oscar & Bella)

We Drive Results For Our Clients

Your Business Is Just One Conversion From Hitting Your Revenue & Freedom Goals

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Turn Your Commodity Business Into a Premium Client Magnet Without Cold Outreach By Leveraging Direct Response!

… And the best part is you can say goodbye to your client acquisition problem for life.

Get Weekly Marketing Masterclasses Sent Directly To Your Inbox – Become an Insider Today! 👇