Are You Ready To Become
A Market Leader?

Do you find yourself frustrated working in your brand rather than on it?

Do you feel like you are personally holding your business back?

You shouldn’t feel like you have to do everything. There is a better way to create freedom in your brand to do what you love. Welcome to ProfitableAds.

We exclusively help DTC brands increase revenue, find freedom, and become a market leader. It’s our goal to add 7 figures to your brand’s revenue with Facebook and Instagram ads without the stress of doing it yourself.

Our team of experts understands the pain of growing a DTC brand as we are partnered with 10+ companies that have combined revenue of $20 million annually.

We help them and brands like you drive growth without headaches by using our “Profitable Ads Formula:” 


Every potential Profitable Ads partnership begins with the "Profitable Ads Report" where we dive deep into your goals and brand to establish a crystal clear path to achieve success.


With a clear path to success, our elite media buyers go to work implementing your custom "media buying strategy." Our years of experience allow us to execute at the highest level for you.


Once we have your ads live and can identify how to acquire your brand customer profitably, we focus on your winning combinations and scale your brand.

Profitable Ads works with you every step of the way. Brands that follow our framework improve their profitability and scaling at a faster and easier rate while working on the things they love. Not managing ads and getting stressed over maximizing budget.

More About Profitable Ads

Profitable Ads is a team of amazing Individuals that have an obsessive love for human psychology and digital advertising in all of its forms. We have also driven over $40 million in revenue for our partners and have managed $5 million+ in ad spend.

In the ever-changing landscape of digital media buying, it’s very hard to be managing your Facebook/Instagram ads yourself while growing your brand.

Are you ready to take your time back and drive more revenue?

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How Our AVG Ad Partner Makes $100,729 Every Single Month Without Paying High Agency Retainers Using Our Guaranteed ROAS System!

Ready To Scale Your Ads?

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❌ Ads dying out after 2-5 days 

❌ Not having a sustainable system to scale your ads 

So, if that sounds interesting…

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Meet The Profitable Ads Team


Zach Radford

As the CEO of our company, Zach began his media buying journey working for one of Canada’s largest advertising agencies. He leveraged his experience and skills to create Profitable Ads where he has overseen and helped generate clients tens of millions of dollars.

Media Buying Director

Andrew Zimmer

Andrew is Profitable Ads’ secret weapon. With 5+ years of experience in advertising, media buying, and digital marketing, he plans, manages, and optimizes client campaigns to drive incredible growth.

Creative Director

Jennah Heydari

Every high-performing campaign requires excellent creatives. Jennah, our creative director, is the mastermind behind producing creatives that grab attention and maximize the conversions of our client’s campaigns.

Want To Win Our 7 Figure Award?

Be Our Next Partner To Win “The Profitable Ads 7 Figure Award.” We give out this prestigious award to our partner’s who have generated $1,000,000 in sales through a single ad account under our management.

Yours is ready and waiting for you! 

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