The Benefits Of Advertising In A Recession

In this article, I’m going to share with you what’s happening behind the scenes of our 6 figure media buying agency and what we are doing right now to get real wins for our clients. You will learn the true benefit of advertising in a recession and how to come out on top!

I’m going to reveal 3 major benefits of advertising in a recession. I’m also going provide you with a direct path to “winning” and give you access to our proprietary media buying method the “Profitable Ads Formula.” This will help you cut through all of the miss information and help you win with your ad campaigns!

Before I dive in I just wanted to say the following:

“I know lots of businesses and people in general are being affected by COVID-19 this is an all-round hard time for most. Our heart and thoughts go out to those that are being directly affected by this recession.”

Zach Radford – Conversion Expert (

Alright, are you ready? Let’s Jump in…

Here are 3 direct benefits of advertising in a recession: (That no one is talking about.)

1. Less Competition.

This means better CPC, CPL & CPA’s! Facebook and Google use an auction base system. When fewer people are bidding for the traffic the auction price goes down!

Pro tip: We have seen 20% lower cost across the board!

2. Just talk about the elephant in the room.

When marketing a product or service it takes a lot of time and energy coming up with different angles to sell. Now all you have to do is talk about what is on everyone’s mind…

“Are you bored?” “Self Isolation?” “Planning for the future?”

Because this is affecting the masses you can use it as an angle in your marketing and people will resonate.

3. People are still spending money!

In every recession, there is an opportunity for growth. You need to be smart but, it’s a huge opportunity… You need to identify what people are buying and how to position your product in this. Financial marketing companies know this and leverage it to sale their client’s brands.

Pro Tip: Be mindful of what you are attracting in your marketing. EG: fear will attract more fear! Love will attract more love!

Now, I want to share exactly how we have seen 22% increase in results for all of our clients and how you can implement this directly in your paid media campaigns.

Here is a direct quote from one of our very happy clients! 

“if ROAS is going to stay between 3.5 and 4 we definitely can’t scale up anymore for the time being and if it goes higher we will have to scale back slightly – were about 45-60 days from receiving new inventory and if we can stay at an average of 75 units per day we will be good. Not sure if you have access to shopify but yesterday we sold 70 units and saturday 78..” (Want this problem in your business? Keep reading!)

Super Happy Client!

We use a proprietary media buying method the “Profitable Ads Formula” that’s absolutely crushing it for our clients and will do amazing things for your ads!

This is what it looks like:

Here are the 3 things we focus on:

  1. Demand.
  2. Engage.
  3. Convert.

Let’s dive into each one of these a little deeper…


At this stage, we are actively looking for attention and awareness. We want to add value in advance and showcase our expertise or why we are so awesome!

We can do this by using articles, videos or quizzes!

Pro tip: IG stories are one of the cheapest placements to get in front of your audience.


At this stage, we want to pitch the product or service directly to the demand audience. This is also known as direct response or conversion ads. Now that we know that the audience is ready to see the ad it will convert 2x better than going directly to the cold audience. Depending on the data you currently accumulated in your campaign you may want to directly go to LAL 1 – 5%.

Pro tip: No discounts. Don’t discount your product or service at this point. We see so many people doing this at this stage and it is not good for many reasons.


Retargeting all day! We test 7, 14 and 30 days to see what performs best but, you get what I mean. We find we get 40 – 60% of our conversion directly from our retargeting campaigns.

Pro tip: Use real scarcity, eg. “For the next 24hrs. Save 10% of your next purchase.” When I say real… I mean it. Make sure that the audience that sees these retargeting ad has ATC or IC then exclude them and exclude 24 hrs.

So what do you think? Is it worth advertising in a recession… We think so! 

Want to have our seasoned media buyers to crush it for your business during this recession? We only work with clients that are spending $5k or more on ads a month… Is this you?

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So, if that sounds interesting…

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