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What Advertising Can We Help You With?

Discover our range of PPC and media buying services that will help scale your brand’s growth, sales and conversions. 

Google Ads

Get on top of Google’s paid search and display networks to reach 90% of internet users and drive more sales.

Microsoft Ads

Reach millions of people by leveraging the Microsoft Search Network and our team of ad experts.

YouTube Ads

Let our agency handle your video ads to maximize engagement and conversions from YouTube traffic.

Google Shopping Ads

Doing e-commerce or dropshipping? We can manage your Google Shopping Ads to drive more sales in less time.

Retargeting Ads

No media buying campaign is complete without retargeting. We have years of experience creating high-converting retargeting ads.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram’s exposure to billions of users and start selling to your target audience.

LinkedIn Ads

Advertising to a professional crowd? No problem. We can manage your LinkedIn Ads and help reduce their costs.

Snapchat Ads

Build brand awareness and generate sales using Snapchat Ads and its userbase of 280 million daily active users.

TikTok Ads

Not taking advantage of TikTok yet? Learn more about how we can help your brand create massive growth with TikTok Ads.

Twitter Ads

Get in front of the right audience with your brand and product with our managed Twitter Ads services.

Why you need PPC services

Why should your brand use Profitable Ads’ Toronto PPC services? Here are a few reasons.

Reach customers and drive sales

PPC services deliver excellent value for money because companies can target potential customers efficiently and effectively. We’ll help you reach more potential customers across any platform from Facebook to Instagram, Google, and more. Ultimately, your brand increases its visibility and drives more revenue.

Drive instant traffic

The issue with search engine optimization, content marketing, and similar strategies is that it can take a long time to pay off. With media buying, you’re able to instantly drive traffic to product pages and see results.

Generate a great return on investment

Pay-per click campaigns and media buying offer some of the best return on investment for advertising budgets. It’s very easy to measure how much revenue you’re generating with the money you’re putting in as well. Say goodbye to worrying about attaining a healthy ROI when working with our team of experts.

Reduce cost per conversion

Some brands make the mistake of constantly increasing ad budget without ever strategizing how they can reduce the costs of campaigns. In many cases, we help our clients not only drive more revenue but acquire customers for less.

How our PPC services work

Each client engagement uses our P.R.I.N.T™ Money Method. We begin by learning about your goals and what you’re trying to achieve so we can craft a meticulous plan.

With a clear strategy in place, our elite media buyers begin implementing a custom media buying plan to generate the best results for your brand.

After discovering winning combinations of targeting, sales copy, and creatives, we double-down to drive the most amount of customers to your business.

From there, we pride ourselves on establishing long-term partnerships so you enjoy sustainable growth.

Here’s exactly how the P.R.I.N.T™ Money Method works:

  1. Plan: Our team plans our how we will manage your ads and drive the greatest return on ad spend.
  2. Research: We identify your ad campaign’s main bottlenecks and how to resolve them.
  3. Implement: Profitable Ads begins managing your campaigns and implementing the strategies we planned during the last two steps.
  4. Network: With profitable campaigns, we begin expanding into other channels to maximize your revenue and growth.
  5. Thrive: With your brand reaching new heights, Profitable Ads continues to optimize and split test campaigns!

How Our AVG Brand Partner Makes An Additional $100,729 Every Single Month Without Losing Momentum Using Our P.R.I.N.T™ Money Method!

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