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We drive results for our ad partners.

You’re one partner away from building the brand of your dreams. eCommerce stores that work with us see a 3x average return on advertising spend. Want to see how we can do the same for you?

Do you want to improve your conversion rates? Do you feel like your PPC management needs a little help? Our team of experts at Waterloo PPC Management Services can help. If you’re looking for more information about how we can help grow your business and increase revenue through our professional services, take a look around our web page.

How our Waterloo PPC management services work:

The first step in receiving our PPC management services is applying to become a client. We work with a very specific type of entrepreneur and brand. One that is experiencing inconsistent product sales, decreasing ROAS, and obsessed with taking their business to the next level. If that sounds like you, apply to become one of our clients.

If we accept your application, Profitable Ads will book a discovery session with you. Here we will learn about your business, goals, and challenges. You also get to meet our team and understand the different ways we can help scale your brand.

Profitable Ads will then determine if you are a good fit for our PPC management services.

Benefits of our PPC management services for Waterloo businesses

These are some of the benefits your brand will experience by working with our ad agency.

Drive more revenue and sales

By running our PPC management services, your brand can attract more customers. We will help you tap into the online market through Google Ads and Bing ads. Quality traffic is not enough to make money unless it converts at a high rate. Our team helps increase conversions by improving ad copy, landing pages, and product listings among other things.

Our proven conversion optimization strategies are sure to bring in more revenue for your business on channels like:

Increase your return on ad spend

Profitable Ads will help your brand maximize its return on ad spend. Our PPC management services aim to achieve this by increasing conversions, improving your CTR, and lowering your cost per acquisition. Our team helps ensure that you are only paying for the most effective ads by closely monitoring campaign results and making necessary changes where needed.

Gain peace of mind and confidence

You’re stressed out. You’re trying to run your own ad campaigns while managing the business. It seems impossible and you find yourself spinning your wheels. We see this all of the time and can help by providing expert media buyers and resources. Our team will take care of your PPC campaigns so you can tend to more important matters.

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Ready To Scale Your Ads?

My team is looking for 2-3 ESTABLISHED eCommerce stores who are sick of: 

❌ Inconsistent product sales 

❌ Decreasing returns when you scale ads 

❌ Ads dying out after 2-5 days 

❌ Not having a sustainable system to scale your ads 

So, if that sounds interesting…

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