B2C Copywriting Guide and Examples For E-Commerce Brands

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B2C copywriting is a complicated subject that can be hard to grasp for anyone who doesn’t have experience with it. But, the truth is that all e-commerce brands should be using B2C copywriting strategies and techniques in order to improve conversions and sales.

In this blog post, we will explain what B2C copywriting is and why it’s so important for e-commerce businesses. We’ll also show you some examples of B2C copywriting as well as takeaways from those examples so you can learn how to apply these principles yourself!

What is B2C copywriting?

B2C copywriting is the act of writing content that appeals directly to consumers. Not businesses. This type of copywriting can be used in a wide range of industries, but it works especially well for e-commerce brands. That’s because you’re specifically targeting consumers and the language they resonate with is much different than corporations.

The average consumer is going to have much different thoughts, problems, pain points, emotions, and needs compared to a business owner.

As we’ll discuss later in this post, there are several reasons why you should consider utilizing B2C copywriting strategies when developing your own website content strategy.

How is B2C copywriting different than B2B?

Business-to-consumer copywriting is different than business-to-business because the two audiences have vastly different wants and needs. For example, let’s imagine you’re selling fashion products. The average consumer is interested in improving their confidence, self esteem, and having clothing that displays their personality. Selling products or service to a fashion business would be much different. They need help with logistics, inventory, marketing, and sales.

Because of this, how you speak to them changes. With consumers, you can normally keep it casual and friendly. Nothing too strict or ridden with jargon. Businesses, on the other hand, might require professional-sounding sales copy.

Why is understanding B2C copywriting important for e-commerce brands?

Everything your brand publishes includes sales copy. Think about it. Facebook Ads, display ads, social posts, email newsletters, and everything in between uses words to convert. Naturally, B2C copywriting is important. Otherwise, you’ll write mediocre copy that doesn’t grab attention, elicit emotion, or push customers towards taking action.

B2C copywriting strategies

Alright, let’s get into the fun stuff: writing B2C sales copy.

Explain the benefits of your products, not just the features

One of the biggest mistakes we see at Profitable Ads is our clients writing sales copy that only focuses on the features of their products, not the benefits. This applies to their website, Facebook Ads, and so on.

Features are factual pieces of information about a product. Think sizing, colour, dimensions, etc. Benefits, on the other hand, are what those features do for the consumer.

Take a t-shirt for example. Let’s say that it’s made out of cotton, there are a few colours to choose from, and it has a v-neck style. Cool. What does that actually mean for the consumer, though?

Well, we can include sales copy about how this t-shirt will match effortlessly with may outfits, boost their confidence, self esteem, and feel comfortable all day. Those are the benefits.

A trick you can use while writing B2C sales copy is ask yourself, “So, what?” This will help you elaborate on the points you make and explain why it matters to the person reading.

Look at this Amazon listing for inspiration. It’s for a USB cable.

Amazon B2C copywriting example

Let’s take a look at some copy from the bullet points in particular:

  • “No need to worry about the delay transmission, blur and distortion.”
  • “Convenient to use and easy to carry around.”
  • “No more worrying about bad wifi casting issues.”

Note how they took the features such as 4k streaming support, Plug and Play capability, connection strength, and translated that into the benefits above. I.e. you’re not just getting a great USB C to HDMI cable, but one that’s easy to carry around, gives you a consistently good time, and improves how much you enjoy hobbies like sports and games.

Target your customer’s pain points

Why do people buy products? Primarily because of emotions and to solve a pain point or problem. In fact, one Harvard professor believes emotions control 95% of the purchasing process. It doesn’t matter how simple the problem might be, consumers purchase items to relieve them. Going off of the t-shirt example above, we could say their pain points include having clothes that don’t fit, they don’t like, or need to be replaced. Targeting these pain points within ads and product pages will boost conversion rates.

Let’s take a look at this product description from one of my favourite author’s books, Unshakeable by Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins book description on Amazon

What pain points do you see being addressed? Here are some that I can spot:

  • “Protect yourself and your family and maximize profit from the inevitable crashes and corrections to come.”
  • “Discovering what your 401(k) provider doesn’t want you to know.”
  • “Maximize upside and minimize downside.”
  • “Uncover the hidden fees and half truths of Wall Street—how the biggest firms keep you overpaying for underperformance.”

Note that these sentences are emotionally driven and hit pain points like protecting your family, preparing for economic crashes, and not being swindled by big firms. Many people who are trying to improve their financial situation will resonate with this points, making them more likely to purchase the book.

What makes it different?

Let’s be honest. No matter what niche you’re in, there are going to be dozens or hundreds of other e-commerce brands doing the exact same thing. So, how do you stand out? By using a unique value proposition. This is what makes your products better and different than everything else on the market. It can be a unique material, feature, benefit, ingredient, or patent. Something you can communicate to readers so they feel compelled to purchase from you and not a competitor.

Look at this product page from the shoe retailer Paul Parkman.

Paul Parkman B2C copywriting example

One of the clear value propositions is that each shoe is hand-painted and hand-made for every customer. Most shoes like this are mass produced but yours will be one of a kind. That’s a difficult feature for competitors to match.

B2C copywriting examples

Next, let’s look at some examples of B2C copywriting and reverse engineer why they’re effective.

Dollar Shave Club’s sales page

The direct-to-consumer brand Dollar Shave Club brings was sold to Unilever for $1 billion in cash. Needless to say, they have great sales copy and understand how to market to their audience.

Here’s the hero section of their sales page. It includes a headline that “The $9 Razor Starter Set,” offering a cost-savings benefit compared to other razors. The description explains exactly what customers get followed by a “Try for $9” call to action button. You can see the product in the image as well.

Dollar Shave Club copy

Next, this headline reads “The shave your face has been dreaming of.” This communicates that they will never get a better shave unless they use this product.

Dollar Shave Club copy 2

It also clearly explains what future shipments include so there’s no confusion. Once again, the same call to action button is present so they don’t lose conversions as people scroll through.

Next, Dollar Shave Club elaborates on each product you get in the subscription box to resolve any questions or objections customers would have.

Dollar Shave Club copy 3

At the end of the page, there is a final call to action and testimonial to create social proof. Keep in mind that customers read up to 10 reviews before making a purchase so testimonials like these are crucial for conversions.

Casper’s home page copy

Next up is the D2C brand Casper. This is its homepage. The left side includes sales copy that promotes a 50%-off sale. “Last call sale” creates a further sense of urgency, pushing customers to take action before the sale ends. On the right, there is a promotion for a new product line called “the cooling collection.” A benefit (“Cooler sleep for 12+ hours.) and a value proposition (“New Snow Technology”) are mentioned. Both sides of the hero area include a “Shop now” call to action button to increase response as well.

Casper homepage

The next section of the homepage includes a banner for financing and product categories. Offering monthly payments positions the products as more accessible while another “Shop Now” CTA button is presented.

Casper PayBright section

While you’re scrolling throughout the page, a banner says:

  • “Free, no contact delivery.”
  • “100-night risk-free trial.”
  • “10-year limited warranty.”

All of these are guarantees that make purchasing a no-brainer. There’s nothing to lose because you can get the product risk-free and have 10 years of coverage if it gets damaged.

Casper CTA

A final call to action section asks customers, “Ready for bed?” and presents a “Shop mattresses” button. Ask relevant questions is an effective way to get a prospect’s attention.

Kanju’s luxury product page

Kanju Interiors is one of our clients at Profitable Ads. They sell rare African luxury goods and are a great example of how to write effective product page copy. Let’s break down the following page.

Kanju product description

The description begins with “Functional art. Hand-woven from natural grasses, no two baskets ae the same.” This uses language that coincides with a luxury brand while also communicating that their products can’t be found anywhere else.

“Stunning on their own, and when hung in groups they are a beautiful textural piece of art” helps customers imagine the product in use which in turns creates emotion. Lastly, they mention that the baskets are woven by “the most experienced weavers in Zimbabwe,” adding a hint of storytelling.

Final thoughts on B2C copywriting

Copywriting is at the heart of any good advertisement and that is especially the case for B2C e-commerce brands. After all, you’re publishing sales copy every day without realizing it; Facebook Ads, display ads, social media posts, and so on all include copy. Not taking the time to perfect the writing in these channels will result in poor conversion rates and sales. However, spicing up your sales copy can drive revenue through the roof.

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