The 14 Best PPC Podcasts to skyrocket your skills


PPC is a powerful advertising strategy that many companies are using to increase their visibility. However, it can be hard to know which strategies are best for your business. That is why we have compiled this list of the top 14 paid ad podcasts on the market today. We will go into detail about each show and tell you how they might help your company. Enjoy!

The best PPC podcasts

If you want to stay on top of the latest PPC trends and strategies, tune into these shows!

The Paid Search PodcastListen Now
PPC DenListen Now
Learn Paid MediaListen Now
Perpetual TrafficListen Now
PPC Ponderers PodcastListen Now
EDGE of the WebListen Now
The Paid Search Magic PodcastListen Now
Search Engine Journal ShowListen Now
My Amazon GuyListen Now
Serious Sellers PodcastListen Now
Beyond PPCListen Now
Marketing O’ClockListen Now
Ignite Digital Marketing PodcastListen Now
PPC RockstarsListen Now

1. The Paid Search Podcast

The Paid Search Podcast

The Paid Search Podcast is a weekly show that covers all aspects of paid search marketing. From beginner tips to advanced tactics, this podcast has it all. You can expect to learn about PPC from industry experts who share their own experiences and insights.

This podcast is great for business owners who want a comprehensive overview of paid search marketing. The hosts provide clear and concise information, and they cover a variety of topics each week.

2. PPC Den

PPC Den podcast

Next is the PPC Den hosted by Ad Badger. This PPC podcast is all about selling and advertising on Amazon. You can expect to learn about PPC and Amazon from experts who offer tips, news, and other information.

This podcast is great for business owners who want a comprehensive overview of paid search marketing and advertising on Amazon. The hosts provide clear and concise information that you won’t find elsewhere.

Who should be listening? This show is perfect for beginner marketers looking to get into the industry as well as those more experienced in the field with deeper knowledge wanting some additional insight or brushing up on their skillsets. Advanced marketers will also benefit from this show if they are seeking inspiration by hearing how others solve different issues within paid search campaigns, making it worth subscribing even if it’s not one you plan to listen to regularly.

3. Learn Paid Media

Learn Paid Media

This podcast is hosted by online advertising expert Nick Banik. He is the founder of Mad Leads, a PPC management agency. On each episode of the show, Nick interviews an industry expert to get their insights on paid media topics ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) to Facebook advertising.

4. Perpetual Traffic

Perpetual Traffic

The weekly podcast Perpetual Traffic, produced by the Scalable Media Network and hosted by Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam, is a must-listen for any marketer. The pair give cutting-edge methods for generating leads and sales for your business through paid traffic.

You can look forward to new uploads every week that touches on the real-life agency experience of its hosts. You will learn how to drive the best results with Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and other ad platforms.

5. PPC Ponderers Podcast

PPC Ponderers Podcast

The PPC Ponderers Podcast, hosted by Kirk Williams of PPCKirk. The two are also joined on occasion by other industry professionals who have something to say that will help you improve your ad campaigns.

With an average episode length of just under 30 minutes, it’s easy listening for marketers at any level looking for new ways to drive performance from their accounts.

This podcast comes out every week with the aim of covering what matters most in PPC today. You can expect deep dives into topics like Quality Score optimization strategies or advanced bidding tactics to take ads up another notch.

6. EDGE of The Web

EDGE of the Web

The EDGE of the Web podcast is a weekly digital marketing talk show that focuses on everything about Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, and more. Host Erin Sparks discusses the most up-to-date news and trends in the digital marketing sector as well as interviews with prominent figures in marketing.

With 530 episodes, you’ll be listening to this show for years to come before you catch up on the latest releases! This means an insane amount of PPC knowledge and strategies for you to get.

7. The Paid Search Magic Podcast

The Paid Search Magic Podcast

The Paid Search Magic Podcast is hosted by Amy Hebdon and James Hebdon. They’ve spent millions of dollars over their careers in paid advertising. The show offers actionable tips and tactics that you can use to improve your campaigns.

The hosts also share their own personal experiences with paid search, so you can learn what works (and what doesn’t). This is a great podcast for those who want to hear about real-world examples of PPC in action.

8. Search Engine Journal Show

Search Engine Journal Show

The Search Engine Journal is one of the biggest authorities when it comes to organic and paid search. Heck, I read their blog all of the time to stay on top of SEO and Google updates. However, you can also learn a ton about PPC through their podcast.

The Search Engine Journal Show is hosted by Brent Csutoras, Danny Goodwin, and Loren baker. They cover a variety of topics each week, from the latest news in paid search to interviews with top experts in the field. This podcast is great for those who want to stay up-to-date on all things PPC.

9. My Amazon Guy

My Amazon Guy

With hundreds of clients under his belt, Steven Pope hosts the My Amazon Guy podcast where he analyzes trends and discusses how to enhance sales and conversion on your items. He also interviews experts to answer tough questions about the Amazon marketplace.

Some of the topics he dives into include:

10. Serious Sellers Podcast

Serious Sellers Podcast

With the Serious Sellers Podcast, you’ll learn how to sell on Amazon FBA properly. Join host Bradley Sutton as he compiles top industry experts, current trends, and unshakable guidance for you. With over 300 episodes, it’s safe to say you’ll be learning about Amazon selling and paid ads for a long time to come.

Bradley regularly interviews experts on a variety of topics around Amazon selling, fash flow, e-commerce, and more. You get insights into strategies and perspectives that can completely change how you advertise and run an online business.

11. Beyond PPC

Beyond PPC

ClickGUARD’s Beyond PPC is a podcast that discusses all of the most recent news and insights from PPC and beyond in order to assist you in your digital marketing efforts.

Their episodes cover everything from finding your niche market to scaling a marketing agency and using paid ads to drive conversions.

ClickGUARD itself is an intelligent fraud protection software company. Their product blocks worthless clicks on your Google Ads so you don’t lose precious ad dollars. Definitely a cool tool worth checking out.

12. Marketing O’Clock

Marketing OClock

The Marketing O’Clock podcast is the leading digital marketing show, which covers SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. Every Friday, the Cypress North staff explores how recent online marketing news will impact your real-world KPIs. Join them for practical online marketing tactics as well as conversations (and occasionally rants) on what works and what to avoid!

When it comes to advertising, there are episodes on Google ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. Go through their 220 episodes and you’ll have no shortage of PPC topics.

13. Ignite Digital Marketing Podcast

Ignite Digital Marketing Podcast

The Ignite Digital Marketing podcast covers digital marketing strategies that help healthcare companies in particular drive growth and acquire patients. If you run a healthcare business (or have clients that do), don’t miss out on this podcast.

Episodes range from 10-30 minutes on average, allowing you to learn something new about PPC and digital marketing without having to spend hours tuning into a show. Paid ad-related topics they’ve covered include paid search strategies, creating ads that don’t suck, leveraging first party data, and advertising trends.

14. PPC Rockstars

PPC Rockstars

Last but not least is PPC Rockstars. PPC Rockstars is your pass to the most up-to-date paid advertising advice from the industry’s top experts. We’re shaking everything PPC about search and social platforms. Even retargeting and third-party data audience modeling are on the table for them to tackle! Tune in weekly for amazing interviews with paid marketing thoughtleaders.

Final thoughts on the best PPC podcasts

I don’t know about you, but I love tuning into podcasts while I’m at the gym, driving, or working. It’s an awesome way to pass the time and learn something valuable. If you want to take your paid advertising knowledge to the next level, don’t miss out on the PPC podcasts I outlined today. Listen to some of their episodes and let us know what you think!

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